Nero Brashov, vampire and failed businessman, has revenge on his mind. He'll pose as a human, infiltrate his arch-enemy's corporation, and sabotage it from the inside. Just as soon as he's invited in, that is.

Vampire Ltd is a text adventure written in Inform 7. It was first released as an entrant to the 26th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp 2020), where it won 13th place out of 103 entries. This release features some bug fixes and developer commentary.

Vampire Ltd is short and easy, and will probably take an hour at most to complete. If this is your first time playing a text adventure, type "help" during the game for some guidance.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsComedy, ifcomp, Short, Text based, Vampire
Average sessionAbout an hour

Install instructions

There are three ways to play:

  1. Online: You can play using the app above. Click "Play in-browser" in the sidebar within the app to play.
  2. Offline, in your browser: Download and extract "Vampire" below. This archive contains the game as well as the base .gblorb file, a full solution, the full source code for Inform 7, and a postcard for players new to interactive fiction (written by Andrew Plotkin and designed by Lea Albaugh). This version of the game is also available for download from the IF Archive.
  3. Offline, in an interpreter: Download "Vampire Ltd.gblorb" (also included in the .zip file). This game file needs to be run in a glulx interpreter program such as Glulxe or Lectrote. If that made no sense to you, don't worry about it - the in-browser versions should be fine.


Vampire 1 MB
Vampire Ltd.gblorb 868 kB


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Why is there a programmed response for typing the word kiss

Well, for people like me of course, I just answered my own question by finding the very fact it exists, but how’d you anticipate it? 

Anyway, that aside, love stuff like this in the game! (spinning the umbrella and the dialogue when typing about kissing Hadrian were a few of my faves) I really liked the humor. The receptionist is nice, I also liked the janitor. Nero's character is also pretty enjoyable! It took me a long time to finally finish off Hadrian, but it's not a problem with the game, I just forgot about hints for a while and I was too dumb to figure it out myself. Enjoyed the game, 10/10!


Also, for no reason in particular at all, what do I type to use Moonlite's power for myself..?



(1 edit) (+1)

Hello again!! Wow!  I saw Vampire Ltd at a glance on my dashboard and didn't give it a second thought; but I noticed today that it was created by YOU, the same person who made Vampire Time!

I was a bit put off at first by the ">go north"/"look crowd"/"inventory" style of gameplay, but I thought "ahhh what the hell, I loved the last game so much I should try this out" and I was not disappointed. The controls are fairly intuitive, and my very first successful action was closing my umbrella in order to kill myself on purpose. Good times.

Your writing and sense of humor are both stellar, as always, and it comes through with brilliant characterization. Nero's vindictively petty inner thoughts are great. Hadrian was a blast (figuratively, literally, etc). Even the minor NPCs have an ideal amount of assigned personality; while it was riveting to eventually attack the workers in the office, I did feel quite guilty for going after the receptionist (who was much nicer to me). I'm now going through your developer notes and trying to catch up on everything... for no real reason, really, it's just nice to read your writing.

I'm looking forward to this, ah, 90s professional wrestling game you have in the making? I hope it's still in the making, anyway. It's a far cry from vampires, but I'm interested in just about anything you have to offer. Best wishes. :)


thank you Wudgeous! this was really nice to read!

I'm glad you took to using a text parser. I tried to keep the controls simple and beginner-friendly, and I'm glad it worked. The wrestling game is still in the works, though it's probably going to be a while before it sees the light of day - puzzle design is proving to be a beast.

Thanks again for the kind words. All the best to you too :)